Our Team

Mosaic is staffed by a part time paid manager and two part time supervisors. You will always receive a warm welcome from Kelly, Karen and Ellie. We are also supported by a great team of volunteers from Bilton Evangelical Church, people on work experience and others from the local community.


Mosaic is staffed mostly by volunteers from either Bilton Evangelical Church or the local community. We accept: young people aged 14 and above, people who would like to gain some work experience, school & college work experience schemes, retired people, just come along, have a chat and give us a go.  If you would like to know more about volunteering in Mosaic then please call Kelly, Ellie or Karen on 01788 819313 or fill in the contact form on the Contact Us page.  

"My mother was in a nursing home and I would bring her in to Mosaic in a wheelchair. I especially wanted to praise the young volunteers, one of which alerted me to the fact that my mother was in tears. I was really moved by the young man's care and sensitivity."

Click on the picture above to see a letter published in the Woman Alive magazine.

Customer Comments

About Us

"I love coming in to Mosaic. I like it so much I bring friends in with me to share the experience. Mosaic is a lovely place to come into on my own and I feel comfortable in doing so. I am interested in the literature available. I read something recently that was just what I needed to read at that time. I also have some good discussions with staff who are always willing to chat."

"I used to come into Mosaic a lot. When the weather was good and I could get out I used to walk up from Cawston. I had 'ME' (I'm well now). I would manage to walk this far but then sometimes I would have to rest for 2 hours. I didn't know anybody and found this place very welcoming and the people friendly. I spent a lot of time in Mosaic and wanted to thank everyone for their support. "